Under the Tuscan Sun

I love my life out here in the country.This is where I grew up and the rolling hills and sky-scraping evergreens of the Inland Northwest will always hold my heart. But there are days like today when I watch a movie like Under the Tuscan Sun and I wish that I could live somewhere that makes me feel like Diane Lane’s character, Frances. The way that she sees every detail of her surroundings like she is examining a painting by da Vinci or Raphael and the way she savors every moment of the Italian lifestyle like a she is eating the most delectable dish makes me sigh with envy.

Movies that make me feel like this are inspirational and somewhat torturous. They make me desire, not to live in Tuscany per se, but to find a place of my own that has the same kind of atmosphere. To find a place that makes my heart sing like she did.

Then I look outside and remember that I love where I am and the people that I am with way too much to leave. I remind myself that Frances left San Francisco because her divorce left her with nothing of the woman she used to be and that she needed to start fresh. I look at my little girl, my husband and all that we’ve built together so far and I think, “I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

But one day a visit to Tuscany may be in order…


One thought on “Under the Tuscan Sun

  1. I feel the same way. I love where I live. Some days I want to pick up and travel to get away but the quiet and peace where I am reminds me what I have and I am truly thankful. To be in a position to come and go whenever I choose is exciting and I desire a larger home for family and friends to come and go (many have never been to the country) and to create the atmosphere I have here is my true desire.


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