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Promptly Forgotten

I used to play the saxophone. This was back in high school when life was complicated and carefree and the only important thing to remember to do was the assigned homework that didn’t really do any good in preparing me for life outside of grade school. Back then the only joy I had in school was band class and halfway through high school even that was torn away.

But my saxophone never disappointed me. My trusty alto sax was the only thing that seemed to teach me anything in the midst of all of the monotony. Breath control, organization, patience, how to keep time, how much sitting straight while having a heavy instrument attached to your neck hurts your back… I learned so much.

And then I gave it up. Yep, as soon as I got to college I dropped my saxophone for my true passion: fine art. Well, at least I thought it was my true passion. Turns out I really didn’t like the other “artists” I was supposed to work with. There was something about acting like an artist that resembled acting like an uptight ass that I didn’t take well to… But I digress.

Not too long ago I sold my sax to some random person on Craigslist because my family and I needed the money more than I needed a dust collector. I actually haven’t even thought about that beautiful instrument until now. Hm. Oh well.


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