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Just let me blow some stuff up…

Ah, the Fourth of July. Many things come to mind when this holiday comes around, but I must admit that celebrating the country’s birthday is not at the top of the list. No, when I think of the Fourth of July I think of how much food we need to buy and who has RSVP’d. “Do we have money for fireworks? Is anyone else buying any? No? Hm. Okay, well let me go over the budget again.”

Very rarely do I think about the birth of our nation. Honestly, I’m not much for history. Yes, it’s great to know where you came from and how things started, but looking back never helped anybody. Look at the big-boobed hottie in the horror movies. She always looks back and she always dies. So no looking back for me. I like to live in the now, and right now I should be cleaning up the house because I only have another three hours or so until our friends start arriving. Not to mention only another hour and a half until the little one wakes up from her nap.

Thankfully the gathering tonight will be small. I love small parties. My husband would invite the entire neighborhood if he knew everybody. But tonight will be small and low-key so everything should go smoothly…so long as I get off my bum and finish getting things ready.

Happy Fourth!



2 thoughts on “Just let me blow some stuff up…

  1. I so agree with not going in for the fireworks! Waste of money, pollutes the air, and temporary excitement. I know kids like them, but surely we can come up with other, more sane ways of sharing excitement! Don’t tell anyone this afternoon that I feel this way!! Hopefully they won’t read this by then!


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