Daily Prompt

Mr. Cuttlesworth’s Day at the Beach

When reading today’s daily prompt I had to laugh as the most absurd mental picture popped into my head. A fluffy, white cat wearing sunglasses and sipping a fruity beverage while lounging on a beach chair ocean-side. There was no soup, but the image alone has inspired me to write a small snippet of what may have been going on in that scene. Here we go:

…The day had been slightly balmy, but as Mr. Cuttlesworth laid upon the lounger and gazed at the water he wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else. While he watched his human, a small waif of a woman with an atrociously large, floppy hat and no manners trudge through the sandy beach clutching a bowl of cold soup, Mr. Cuttlesworth flashed back to that summer a few years earlier when she had accosted him with a pair of hideous human eye wear. He had barely escaped with his dignity after momentarily becoming entangled in a beach towel lying nearby. Luckily the saucy tabby next door had not seen his hasty exit, for she would not have been impressed…

So there you have it. A glimpse into my mind. I just couldn’t help myself!


On a side note:

When I think of Mr. Cuttlesworth, an image like this comes to mind:

The above image courtesy of http://hqwallbase.com
This image courtesy of hqwallbase.com



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