Thoughts From the Bathroom

As a parent, nothing entertains me more than listening to my child tear the house apart from the other side of the bathroom door. Various clicks, bangs, shuffles and toddler gibberish filter through giving me the only clues as to what my beloved daughter is up to. So long as there is no crying or complete silence, I take my time.

Currently I am trying to decipher the clicks that I hear coming from our bedroom via the adjoining wall. It could be that she is pressing a clicky pen over and over again. It could be that she is tapping a paperclip against the plastic organizer. The mystery of it intrigues me.

Now I hear her little footsteps shuffling down the hallway. Ah, now she’s banging on the washing machine. She loves the sound that it makes, so loud and echo-y. My ears are already ringing and I’m not even in the laundry room.

Since none of that commotion has brought me out of the bathroom, she has changed her tactic to sitting outside the bathroom door. She alternates knocking and shouting “hi!” Luckily this trip to the ladies’ room is over.

The first thing I see when the door opens is my little girl with the biggest cheeky grin plastered on her face. The second is the trail of pens leading into our bedroom…


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