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Becoming a Responsible Adult: My Dream Was to Grow Up

  When did it happen? I remember just a few years ago looking at my account balances and scrounging together enough change so that I could go out to the bar with my friends on Friday nights. Now? Now my Friday nights are spent chasing around a two year old and cooking dinner for my… Continue reading Becoming a Responsible Adult: My Dream Was to Grow Up

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Kissing Bubbles

  Lately I have been holding off on writing. It turns out that when I get really into something I unconsciously block out what’s going on around me. In this moment of my life, my newfound love of writing has been put in place of taking full advantage of the time spent with my daughter.… Continue reading Kissing Bubbles

Daily Prompt

There’s Just Something About a Good Laugh

Daily Prompt: Roaring Laughter The last time I had a good, gut-wrenching laugh was …too long ago to remember. The cause, however, is easy to recall. She’s just shy of three feet tall and goes by the name of “Mia.” Our daughter is the usual source of comedic relief in our house, so the fact… Continue reading There’s Just Something About a Good Laugh


I think this sums things up nicely…

Day two of this blogging adventure and with six hours of sleep under my belt and a teething toddler I am torn between continuing this post and going back to sleep. The winner? Well, I’m here aren’t I? Better have another cup of coffee… Advertisements