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Kissing Bubbles

  Lately I have been holding off on writing. It turns out that when I get really into something I unconsciously block out what’s going on around me. In this moment of my life, my newfound love of writing has been put in place of taking full advantage of the time spent with my daughter.… Continue reading Kissing Bubbles


Under the Tuscan Sun

I love my life out here in the country.This is where I grew up and the rolling hills and sky-scraping evergreens of the Inland Northwest will always hold my heart. But there are days like today when I watch a movie like Under the Tuscan Sun and I wish that I could live somewhere that… Continue reading Under the Tuscan Sun


I Never “Dated”

Over the years I have seen a lot of books, articles, comments and videos (not to mention all the songs, podcasts, etc.) about men and women’s failed attempts at dating. Someone is always dumped, cheated on, brushed off, ridiculed or never given a chance. They may encounter (or become) chronic daters who go through dates… Continue reading I Never “Dated”


There are handprints on my TV

Today at 5:42am my little girl, light of my life, started talking from her room. In the midst of making my husband his lunch (which I do for him because I love him and, lets face it, I like to feel all wifey every so often) I felt my body instantly sag. Though I love… Continue reading There are handprints on my TV