Daily Prompt

There’s Just Something About a Good Laugh

Daily Prompt: Roaring Laughter

The last time I had a good, gut-wrenching laugh was …too long ago to remember. The cause, however, is easy to recall. She’s just shy of three feet tall and goes by the name of “Mia.” Our daughter is the usual source of comedic relief in our house, so the fact that she was the last one to make me laugh until tears flowed is no surprise.

I can’t tell you what she did, though. Not because I can’t remember or because it was too bad to report, but because for the life of me I can’t recall why it was so funny. She didn’t do anything spectacular! The only thing I can remember her doing is making a face. A hilariously, bizarre expression that had me in stitches to the point that I thought I would wet myself. Even thinking of it now makes me giggle.

What is it about these spontaneous bouts of laughter that is both torturous and relieving? And why do we have them? I think that day had been a particularly exhausting one because I only find myself in the midst of those attacks when I’m so tired I could just weep. Whatever the cause is, I am glad to experience such a thing. Here’s to laughter.


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