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Kissing Bubbles

  Lately I have been holding off on writing. It turns out that when I get really into something I unconsciously block out what’s going on around me. In this moment of my life, my newfound love of writing has been put in place of taking full advantage of the time spent with my daughter.… Continue reading Kissing Bubbles


Everything is a Cookie

To my one year old, all food is a cookie. As I sit here and eat my raisins and bran, Amelia is at my side blowing (because she thinks that food needs to be blown on) and tugging on my shirt saying “cookie” over and over again. As much as having a toddler stand there… Continue reading Everything is a Cookie


I think this sums things up nicely…

Day two of this blogging adventure and with six hours of sleep under my belt and a teething toddler I am torn between continuing this post and going back to sleep. The winner? Well, I’m here aren’t I? Better have another cup of coffee… Advertisements